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Using Extra Doughy Flour by HPGirl28
Mature content
Using Extra Doughy Flour :iconhpgirl28:HPGirl28 8 4
Pokemon Poffins anyone? by HPGirl28 Pokemon Poffins anyone? :iconhpgirl28:HPGirl28 0 0
Magic Mirror
"Am I a bit bigger now?" I ask my new mirror.
I had just won it in a mystery Auction. A magic mirror that show and or tell you what you want to know. But stupid as I was, the first question I asked was, "Do I look healthy?"
"Oh No….," The Mirror reply. " You are so terribly skinny. You must eat more." It had even shown me how skinny I was. So thin, you could practically play the Xylophones on my ribs. I could almost be Jack Skellington's sister.
And so, I ate and ate and ate. I am was so sure that the pants that I once wore were a size  8, not a Size 4. I couldn't help but know that something was wrong.
One day, I looked up my mirror online. It had appear that it was made in the late 1500's and ,of course, had to be cursed. The mirror hypnotized it victims and give them advice which they follow to a 'T'.
Even though I have a feeling that my new size 8 were much more bigger but nowadays I can't seem to trust my eyes. I would look at the back of the boxes to see t
:iconhpgirl28:HPGirl28 1 1
 I can't help but feel like I had lost my way of life ever I had survived the accident that had broken both of my legs and left me with amnsiea. The hospital was nice enough to find me a care taker, who later became my keeper.
Oh yes...  lunch time!
I couldn't help but look at the lunch that my caretaker made for me.
"Here's a snack to tide you over til luch time. See you later Tubby'" My caretaker said as they gave my large blob of a stomach a rub before walking out of the apartment.
This so-called "snack" was enough to feed 5 small families and  just enough leftovers for a midnight snack.
I could have left. Should have left but I think I missed that chance 3 months ago. That was the last time I barely seen my feet and that was when the doctor had taken off the cast. A single thing to do and wasnt able to do it.
Two words...
Physical Therapy.
Unforatently, my caretaker had sway me to the point that now it wasn't an option. "I will have you back on your feet in no time."
:iconhpgirl28:HPGirl28 0 0
Mature content
Kidnap to Piggy Boot Camp :iconhpgirl28:HPGirl28 3 3
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Let I Grow songs Review
Song Reviews
The Lorax pt.2
"Let it Grow" (versions 1 & 2)
As the songs review for the Lorax continue, the next song or in this case songs are played ifferently but have the same title.
The first version (or the orginal version) of the song is played to the close end of the movie where Ted is trying to convince the people of Thneedvile that a tree is not so bad meanwhile Mr. O' Hare ask one of his fellow employees to speak up for him but is mistaken when "Sai" voices his opinion and the rest of the people (except for Mr. O' Hare) sing about letting the seed be planted.
This song is sung in a Gospel like which kindof remid you of singing in church sense it is so catchy.
The singer for this song are
~Fletcher Sheridan
~Dan Navarro
~Edie Lehmann Boddicker
~Jenny Slate
~Claira Titman
~Betty White
~Rob Riggle
~Ed Helms
:iconhpgirl28:HPGirl28 0 0

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Hello everyone. Just recently I had just got out of depression and just in time for the holidays.

Life can be a pain and can effect everyone in different way. One of the worse one is depression. Long story short. Depression is a bitch and difficult to get out of. I just am glad to say that I am glad to be alive and it is glad to have friends & family to help me out. Even though some family issues are still out there, I am just glad to be still around.

On a lighter note, I do have a confession to make. Like many people, I have some secrets that may or may not offend a lot of people. Especially on deviant art.

1st off I am envious of chubby people. Yes that right. I wish to be fat and desire it so. Many people may think "It's a Phase" or " She nuts". But no it is not. There are many people in the world that are okay with obesity and don't feel ashamed. Despite the world telling everyone is wrong to be fat but hey so is everything else. Too much of anything can effect a person. To make this short, I want to be fat. If you don't like it, then it's none of your business.


2nd is that I am a Brony. That's right. I watch  "My Little Pony" even though I am in my 20's. 

Why am I telling you this. 

Well I am trying to decide whether or not I should make a separate Deviant account for my reviews. There are many deviants who have multi accounts to keep things separated and need help making that choice.

Please put down below if I should start up a different deviant page to keep my reviews on MLP, Movies, and or TV reviews. Or keep everything on this one.
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew.


United States
Gender: Female

Hobbies: Reading, writing, caring for animals and enjoying life.

What makes me different: can do Sign Langauge.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium and Size 9
Favourite genre of music: Anything
MP3 player of choice: PSP

Doing in RL: Preparing to take my PTCB
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom
Personal Quote: "If reading Books were Fattening, I would probably be immoble now!"


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